Thursday, June 27, 2013

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape "Backdoor Teen Mom" And James Deen porn Shockingly explicit video!

Yes, I'm Farrah Abraham
Sex partner...

It twue, is twue ... It reawwy twue ... Giant penis James Deen is the costar in the film Farrah Abraham sex tape ... at least according to James Deen.
Deen - a professional porn star Farrah Abraham superstar clip - tells TMZ, «Word travels fast ... not even processed but we did yesterday Farrah Abraham James Deen sextape. ".
When asked if the two were dating, based on the fact that they were seen holding hands yesterday, Deen said, "Certainly not dating. Took tested together Friday and then saw the whole. This is just my experience with the lady Farrah Abraham xxx. "
As first reported, the material XXX is to shop around to various porn companies - including Vivid. We spoke with Vivid Farrah Abraham full sex tape boss Steve Hirsch tells us that he has seen all the tape and says, "It's amazing ... and I do what I can to get permission to put it out."

Note - if you get the first line in this post, you should really watch "Blazing Saddles."

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